Thursday, 19 April 2012


Age Representation -

The clip consist of two different age groups, one being the older generation and one being the younger generation.  It starts with an establishing shot of the location(a bar) where they are celebrating a birthday.

We are shown a conversation between two men who are seated away from the crowd around the bar and generally in the background which consisted of the younger generation. This suggest that they are mature or even suspicion as to why they are not involved and seated away. The camera work emphases on the fact they are seated away having a civilized conversation whilst still being able to see the younger generation, in the background dancing to the loud music playing and drinking. Reverse shot was used to show the seriousness of the conversation between the two men whilst seeing a close up of both their faces and expression/reaction to the dialogue.Also was stable camera movement to reflect their characteristics, the topic on technology emphases on the fact they are old. Also how the music in the background is really faint when the camera is based on the two men shows the separation between the younger generation and the older generation.

In the following scene, the camera follows one of men to his work environment where we are introduced to his workforce via a high angle shot suggest they are doing something secretive and to give the audience a sense of someones watching over them. Unlike the previous scene where we were shown a conversation between him and someone of the same age, he seems surrounded by a younger crowd or workforce who seem more calm and laid back. He didn't seem involved nor impressed by the jokes his workforce made about the situation. This links back to how different, they are but can still work together.

Overall the representations are positive, as it just showed people of two different ages from a different light. The younger generation were at a gathering or a party so the way they were behaving was realistic and expected. Whereas the older men were having a serious conversation at pub which is a public place who were not there for the party but there due to a matter of their own.

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